What Are The Uses Of Computer?


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Holy crap.

Computers are used for anything and everything: They are used to monitor patients during surgery, for doing complicated mathematical analysis of data, for running traffic control centres in airports, for routing trains across countries, tracking shipments across countries and the world, tracking sales in a store and controlling inventory, for routing phone calls, for game platforms like the XBOX or PS3, for choosing and arranging the order of songs on a radio stations playlist, to coordinate and track space flights, for monitoring and maintaining the GPS satellite location system.

There are very few things that computers are not used for in modern daily life.
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Computer are used in many place they are -

1. At home - watching movies , playing games , listening to music etc

2. At bank - by calculating interest , getting enquiry , increasing or decreasing of money etc

3. At railway or airport - by getting live enquiry , by booking tickets etc

4. Stores - for doing or checking bills but mostly at departmental stores etc

5. Movie department - by animating the movies etc

6 . They are also used in live settalites etc

7. They are used everywhere about 60% people are having computer .
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At beginning computer was discovered for mathematical operations.
But as time passed its use spread in vase area of our life. Its being used in
Entertainment, Security, medical recharge, Organizations, Educational purposes, etc....
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It is used for many ways such as chatting, entertaining, and others....
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Computer is very helpful,because they are use for blogging , chatting and searching information when we have an assignment.
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You can keep safe your data you can easily calculate as you want some like also this you can watch movies listen music playing games etc.
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I use my computer for almost everything. It's where I work, I communicate, even socialize. The best part about my computer is that it brings in a significant return of investment.
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Computers are not used just for one or two purposes but there are so many uses of computers these days. They are used to diagnose different disease, helps in designing and constructing different kinds of vehicles and so on.

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