What Are The Positive Effects Of Using Computer?


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Well every coin has its two sides, the same is with the usage of computer. The positive point of using a computer is that it can help you  in every day life like making assignments if your a student or a teacher, for making presentations if your an office going person, you can use it for browsing the information related to any topic or for making friends world over.

Preeti Patwari
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You can use technology for good or bad. It is up to you. Computer is a remarkable invention and you can do countless good things with it. Computer is everywhere now a days. In government departments, in offices, in schools and colleges, in homes in research, in science, in businesses etc. Internet is growing fast and is working for our ease. These are all the positive effects and uses of computers.
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Well first of all a computer does everything thing for you.A computer makes everything easy.
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There are number of positive effects of using computer like it can help in the improvement of
• Problem-solving skills.
• Long-term memory.
• Nonverbal skills.
• Language skills.
• Mathematical skills.

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