What Positive And Negative Effects Has The Internet Had On Our Society As A Whole?


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There are so many effects the internet has had on our society both negative and positive. I would say the biggest positive effect is ease of information. Anyone can look up and get Information on anything whether is be health or business or legal. Alternatively, I think the biggest negative effect is ease of access to consumers by anyone wanting to make money. Consumers compulsively buy so many things on the internet that they don't need and the consumer product industries doesn't care if a home is broken because the parents or kids get access to the internet and speed money they don't have. I personally think that our society has become so fixated on the internet and spending money on things they don't need that I'm sure that played apart in our current national financial crisis. I'm not saying that it is the sole cause by any means but I think it certainly played into it.
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Internet damage our new generation by offering pictures and movies of porn, even if the wesite state the age restriction they still search the internet.
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Positive Effects of the Internet :-
1) We can share the information and feelings in the world wide by using Internet.
2) We can get any type of information on any subject through Internet.
3) Communication make easy via E - mail service of Internet.
Negative Effects:-
1) The first negative effect of using Internet is on childrens that they are seeing wrong information 
and they are going to see some porning sites. It will destroy their academic education.
2)Cheating in online business transactions and other online processing.
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The introduction of the internet was a real game changer and opened a world of possibilities to the users. Of course, like any technology, internet has its good and bad sides. Internet is a double ended sword that should be used wisely. Some of the positive things that internet has done to our lives is the availability data at our fingertips, whenever and wherever we need. We can connect with anyone at any corner of the world in no time to keep relations going. However, many people use internet for their advantage to cheat people, make money online through fraudulent ways and so on. One thing is sure; we at US cannot live without internet and there are many cheap internet providers in the country to spoil us!

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