What Are The Negative Effects Of Online Education In Our Society?


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Sam Jones answered
Why would there be any negative effects of online education? It's better to have education (doesn't matter if it's online or not) , because something is better than nothing. On the contrary it will have good effects because with the help of online education even those can study who are not able to join regular classes.
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There are a lot of positive facts influencing this one. But if you are looking for the negative, you can just talk about house working and absence of the communication with the people offline.

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Speaking about disadvantages of the online education, the most important must be taken into account that the students can even pass exams with the help of other people, but not shoe the real results of the education. Surely, companies are ready to write the papers for you and even answer all the questions, if you need simply a Diploma, but not knowledge. And if you are going to work this specialty, what is next?

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Online Education has less control and assessment tools. Teachers cannot curate the process with 20-30 chats open immediately or a Skype session which should have all students logged in and taking notes. Online schooling has become more precise though with https://proessays.org essay writing: Canadian students use Cobequid Educational Centre online.

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