What Are The Good And Bad Effects Of Technology In Education?


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Following are the positives of technology on education:
- Technology aids in getting education
- It has helped in making learning easier and accessible
- Education is getting more uniform all around the world.
- Education has become cheaper than before due to technology
- It has made research easier
Following are the negatives of technology on education
- Sources like internet has given rise to plaigarism.
- students rely more on computer than on books 
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The good effect of technology in education is they help students' works easier in searching things they need to know..

While the bad effect is some students use computer for their enjoyment like playing computer games and it affects their studies because they can't give their full attention to their studies because they give their full effort to their games..
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E-learning is the future. Even now in 2019, this technology is gaining momentum. Schools, institutes, colleges are trying to introduce this type of training into their programs. For development, I know that many use elearning development company of their development and technology.

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Goodnews:technology is east for technology
badnews:technology cn kill a lot of peaple
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Bad effects:
Criminal can easily access to the children
you become lazy
creates stress
takes away job

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