What Effect Has Internet Had?


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Simply put, the Internet is a variety of different types and sizes, independent operation and management of the worldwide computer network composed of a huge computer network - a global computer network, and its English name is Internet. The composition of the Internet computer network, including small-scale local area network (LAN), city size area network (MAN), as well as a large-scale wide-area network (WAN) and so on. These networks through regular telephone lines, high-speed dedicated lines, satellite, microwave and fiber optic cables and other lines of different countries, universities, companies, research institutions and military and government organizations such as the network.

However, the only computer network or the computer network of networks to describe the Internet is not appropriate. The reason is that computer networks to transmit information is only a medium, but the essence of the Internet is its ability to provide you with valuable information and satisfying service. An analogy, we go to the store to buy something, our main concern is that the store's merchandise is genuine, and whether the service shops amiable and thoughtful, whereas for the store itself is beautiful not as wealthy customers that we really care about The. We can say that the Internet is a huge world-scale information and service resources. It not only provided people with a variety of simple and quick means of communication and information retrieval and, more importantly is to provide people with enormous resources, information resources and services. Through the use of the Internet, people worldwide can either exchange information, exchange ideas, but also various aspects of access to knowledge, experience and information.

Internet is also a public-oriented social organization. Tens of thousands of people around the world can use the Internet for information exchange and resource sharing. And there are thousands of people voluntarily spend their time and energy to a camel ants worked hard to construct shared by all mankind of the Internet, and allow others to share the fruits of their labor. Gong Shang Internet reflects the selfless spirit of humanity, the Internet has also enabled people to learn how to better live together peacefully.

The Internet is a worldwide human society, the first-ever library and a global forum. Any person, whether from anywhere in the world, at any time, he (she) can participate in, the Internet is never closed. And, no matter who you are, you are always welcome. You will not because of a different color, different dress, different religious beliefs are left out. In today's world, the only one with no borders, no discrimination, no political life cycles belong to the Internet. The dissemination of information through the network, the world any person, regardless of nationality, race, sex, age, wealth, mutual transfer of experience and knowledge, to express their views and insights.

The Internet is the development of human history, a great milestone, it is the civilization of human society quietly playing a growing role. That could be as Watt's invention of the steam engine led to a different industrial revolution, the Internet would greatly facilitate the progress of human society and development.

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