How Does Internet Influence Our Lives?


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Wow, this is probably a question with an infinite number of answers.  Here are several ways that the internet has affected people's lives:

1. Extensive internet use/availability has facilitated the development of more cosmopolitan network ties among individuals who have never met before face-to-face.
2. For some, it replaces genuine face-to-face social interaction with a type of inauthentic, virtual interaction.
3. It dramatically increases an individual's access to information.  
4. It provides a special type of information (i.e., jobs available, apartments/housing for rent/to buy, etc.) that allows an individual to move across the country (or globe) more easily than ever before.
5. It provides another special type of information that can be used to access resources that were previously unavailable to many people.
6. It dramatically increases the speed at which transactions, business and otherwise, can be conducted.
7. Facilitates the further development of a global capitalist economy.
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The ability to communicate with other students and teachers across the world has enabled 21st century education to transcend geographical distance and physical boundaries like never before. Suddenly new ideas and theories can be shared across continents, whole new worlds of thought are available to students in far-flung places and teachers across the world are able to use forums to share valuable ideas and techniques.

From online dictionaries and encyclopaedias to Wikipedia, an abundance of information on every conceivable subject under the sun is now available to students at the touch of a button. The potential for exploiting these resources to learn is enormous and students are now able to study, discover and learn no matter where they are. When you consider how easy it would have been to create a school project on dinosaurs in the 1980s compared to the treasure trove of facts, figures, pictures and more available to today’s student, the amount and depth of information they can access has been vastly improved by the internet.

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People forget about the other important things in there life and start doing silly things on the net,especially among teenagers
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The internet affects our lives by everything we do. It affects medical treatments and diagnosis it affects our views on different things such as political,social and leagal aspects of life.  As you see most every thing now adays id affected by the internet.our news papers and peper thing in the office are going extent

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