What Are The Samples Of Intranet?


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Intranet: Before going into intranet samples detail first I would like to explain what intranet actually is? So that the user should know its background actually the intranet is a private network that uses the internet technology in order to share resources and information with in an organization securely the main concern in intranet environment is the security so that no person from outside the network can have access to sensitive information. In most of the cases the intranet is known as the internal website that provides services to a certain organization.

In the intranet the commonly used internet protocols such as HTTP, FTP etc are used so in short the intranet is the private version of internet technology that is confined to an organization on the other hand extranet is the technology that is not confined to an organization the partner organization are also involved in it. The most common example of intranet is the system implemented by Cisco system and contributed significantly in there success. Claromentis is the name of the intranet currently in use by Australian National University. Another very best example is the Ford Motor company's intranet facilitating round about 175,000 in 950 locations.
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You've asked a question about intranet. In fact intranet is used within some organization and its worker. It is basically different from extranet where everyone can share his information on the internet and everyone can access his account.

Intranet is designed as for the workers in some organization and only the access is given to the workers and other persons which are related to the organization. And that access is also with different limitations. For examples the system of banks is the good example of intranet. There are some other examples available as well I'm mentioning them below.
Calor Gas uses a system of intranet to share its documents and to communicate with the workers and staff. And that is the sample of intranet.

Another great example is the Ford Motor Co which have many employees all around the world and they are connected to the company through the intranet. I hope this answer is sufficient. So from the information which has been given above you can understand the system of intranet. And I've also mentioned some sample examples as well.

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