Can You Give Examples For Intranet?


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An Intranet is private Internet. That is it uses all the same technology as the Internet, but to internal computers not "visible" from outside a "firewall". It is not really a "thing", just a way of describing the internal network of a company, hospital, or even a private home. For example, you could say "...those pictures are proprietary. And only published on our Intranet. To see them from the outside, you would need to have our virtual private network software installed.
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In simple English, Any application used inside a company network and is not visible to the outside world is an Intranet application. It can be web-baed, and still not be an Internet app.
Classic examples are HR Apps, Online payslips at work, Vacation Time cards, etc,. These are all intranet apps as the network is secure and cannot be accesses directly from the external world. You either need to use VPN or other secure technology to become a part of this network to view these apps.

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