How Do I Get IE (Internet Explorer) To Work Again? (I've Had An Error Message Saying, 'Navigation To The Webpage Was Cancelled'.) 


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This is a common problem with Internet Explorer (IE) but - without knowing which version of IE you are running - it's a little difficult to troubleshoot precisely.

However, if you get an error message saying, "Navigation to the webpage was cancelled",

the following steps might help:

  1. Click the "Start" button
  2. Click on "Control Panel"
  3. Open up "Internet Options" from the window that appears
  4. Click the "Advanced" tab
  5. Under "Reset Internet Explorer", click "Reset"
  6. Click "Reset" again to close the dialog box
  7. Click "Close"
  8. Close, then re-open Internet Explorer
Certain security updates for Windows Vista can also cause this problem to occur. The easiest way to fix the issue (and also to improve the security of your system) is to visit the Windows Update site and follow the on-screen instructions to update your system.

Personally, I would consider using a different browser as a way to get around this problem. Firefox and Google Chrome are free, safe, stable, and regularly-updated alternatives, which don't generally seem to suffer from silly issues like this.
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If you are using Internet Explorer, click on Tools, then on Internet Options, then under Browsing History click Delete....

Then click Delete files... and Yes.

Then click Delete Cookies... and Yes.

Then click Delete History... and Yes.

Close all your Internet Explorer windows, restart your computer and then try. These would be the first steps to try to resolve your issue.

(I do tech support for a living.)

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