How Can I Add A Signature In My Outlook Express?


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To add a signature in outlook express follow these steps.

If you have an account then
1. Start outlook express

2. Go to Tools and then select options.

3. In this dialogue box select Signature Tab.

4. In this tab you can see New button (if you don't have any signature) press it.

5. Signature # 1 will be shown in the window and Edit signature window will be activated.

6. Here you have two options you can use any text or any file. If you want to use any file press the file option button otherwise write your text.

7. In the signature setting you can see a check box with label "Add signatures to all outgoing emails". Press this button if you want to use the signatures.

8. When you check this option another option will be available with label "Don't add signature to Replies and Forwards". If you choose this option then check this.

The signatures are created and will be used automatically to all outgoing emails. You can have multiple signature. You can rename any signature with rename button. In the advanced option you can set for which account you want to use the signature (If you have multiple email accounts).
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We can create Signature In My Outlook Express but follow some steps-

Select "Tools Options" from the menu in Outlook Express

Go to the "Signatures" tab

Type the text of your signature under "Edit Signature

Click "OK"

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It is very easy to specify the signature in Outlook express so that whenever you compose a new email, you do not have to rewrite your initials again and again.

From the Start menu in windows, click on Microsoft Outlook icon. Then from the menu bar on the top click on the Tools menu item. Click on the Options sub menu and a new Options window appears.

Click on the Mail format tab on the options window. After that click on the Signature button located at the bottom right. A new popup window by the name of Create signature opens up. On clicking the New button in this window you are provided with two options:

1) Start with Blank Signature
2) Use File as Template

If you want to write your own name and address instead of some image template then choose the first option. Select the radio button against Start with blank Signature and click Next button. Type your Name, Designation, Contact Information etc and click finish when you are done with the formatting. After Finish you will be shown the preview, if you don not like the Preview then click Edit otherwise Click Ok.

Now On the Mail Format Tab select where you want to apply your Signature. You have two options

1) On New Messages
2) For Replies and Forwards

If you select both option then whether you create a new email or reply to some mail or either forward any email you signature will automatically appear. If you want to use "Use File as template" option then instead of typing your information, you just select the HTML file which has all your information, rest of the process is exactly the same.
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Making a Signature in MS – Outlook Express
First of all you will have to have an ID and properly configured in the outlook express. If you don't have an ID, then go through the following steps.
1. In the outlook express file menu point to Identities -> Add New Identity
2. A dialog will pop up. Enter the name you wish to use for your identification and there press Ok. A confirmation message will appear telling you "do you want to switch to you given name Identity?" press yes.

3. The outlook will re-load and starts a wizard. Follow the steps in the wizard and the enter the Name for your account in the first dialog box, the email in the next and the POP/hotmail configuration in the last one dialog box.
4. Once the ID has been created, then go to the tool menu in the outlook express and point to the option in the bottom of the menu. You will different tabs there in the option dialog box. Point to the Signature tab and there will be a "New" button. Click on New button and enter the text you wish to come as signature. There are also many options you can customize your signature as per your wish.

Wish you best of luck.

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