What Do You Say To Someone You Met Online?


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Shalin Choksi answered
The best way to begin a chat is to say a simple hello. Most of the times, the girl or the boy will reply. If you are sending a message to the person of the opposite sex, you can for sure receive a message from that person. If you receive a greeting from the opposite side, keep a simple conversation like asking that person its age and country of origin. You can talk about likes and dislikes and keep a smooth flow of the conversation. After you have become good friends and talk regularly and also if the person lives in your city or country, you can meet that person. Many people around the world have met a lot of people through the internet and have been happily married too.
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Yasir swati answered
Met online means is simple that come to online that go and connect the Internet and if you have the messenger for online communication through Internet (voice chat, web cam chat) and there are a lot of other ways to communicate, if you have a email account on hot mail then you will met to online chat through MSN messenger, and if you have yahoo account you will use yahoo messenger, and through online chat or talk you can express your self and you can (type your message like letters, talk like telephone, see like making movies) and Technology is much forward, this is the smooth flow of communication. Here is no limitation about age, sex, religion, countries, and areas.
There are a lot of other messengers for online chatting AOL, kazaa and so on,
Some times pupil met in chat rooms they have one way to live communication that is online chatting, online chatting falls your expressions suddenly with in no time.
online chat is on WAN mean wide area networks, it means that where ever you have any one of friends you can communicate easily, before decade people uses Telephonic conversation but now they can talk online messengers,
One more example is LAN that is local area net works is also inside the one organization

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