How Can I Get IP-Address Of A System On Linux Platform (Redhat Linux)?


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You can go the website to know the IP address of your system. If you want to change the IP address do this:
In a console, type the command: Setup.
This opens a list of options:

O Authentication configuration

o Firewall configuration

o Mouse configuration

o Network configuration

o Printer configuration

o System services

o Timezone configuration

Choose 'network configuration' and provide the data, like for instance, another IP address.

You can also change the IP address through the Graphical User Interface (GUI) in the Red Hat. Follow these steps:

1. Click on Red Hat icon

2. Choose from list 'System settings'

3. Select from the list 'Network'

4 It will open a box 'redhat-network-config'

5. Select the tab 'Devices'

6. Click on line 'eth0' to highlight it

7. Select 'Edit' from the menu options

8. Make the possible changes (e.g. Other IP address)

9. Click on the button 'Activate.'
If you are installing on a Red Hat Linux system, then you will find the ... or IP address of your Active Directory server (I prefer to use the IP address).
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It is so easy buddy

write click on the desktop of linux

goes to prompt

then type the following command

it will show the ip address.

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