What Factors Affect The Speed Of The Internet?


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The speed of the internet depends on what type of Internet Service Provider is being used by the user. It also depends on the local traffic on the HUB of the ISP. Server traffic of the ISP also sometimes decides the output of the internet speed. If a user opts for high quality fiber optics or broadband then the speed may increase leaps and bounds. Also the traffic on the sites that are being visited by the user determines the speed of the internet.

The Internet or the World Wide Web is one of the most commonly used features in the world. Logging onto the internet opens a whole new world of information, people can interact with each other half way through the earth without even moving out of their house. More than 20 billion people log onto the internet each day.
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What matters is your distance from the telephone exchange, unless you're on cable or satellite.
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Internet traffic.  The server speed of the site you're visiting.  Your computer's hardware and software configuration.

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Apparantly the distance from the   I S P makes a difference but there are other reasons too of which I am ignorant. Sorry.
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Yes sure the virus can affect the internet speed as well as the sys processing speed. You can clarify this by speed-test before virus affects what is the downloading speed & after that what is the downloading speed?
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Example of five questions about the speed you access internet answerable by yes or no.

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