Who Is The Founder Of Linux?


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Linus Torvalds is the founder of Linux. Linux is an open source operating system. When it was launched it shook the very foundations of the technology industry. In an unprecedented move somebody had developed an operating system that was comparable to other popular products in the market and did not stand to gain from it financially.

Linux was based on the concept that users will constantly modify the software and improve its quality. This idea has become very popular on the Internet. Wikipedia will let users modify the content on the site to constantly improve the quality and keep it updated. The logo of Linux is a penguin called Tux. Linus Torvalds has achieved demi-god status in the minds of many technology buffs for his philosophies towards sharing of technology. Linux has received the backing of some of the large technology companies. There are many Governments who are contemplating switching over the Linux.
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In 1991, while studying computer science at the University of Helsinki, Linus Torvalds started a project which later became a Linux kernel.

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Linus benedict torvalds
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Veeru upadhyay is the founder of Linux and he is the richest person in the world his nature of business is supplying of new babes in the market

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