How Do You Create A New Profile In Microsoft Outlook Express?


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To be able to create a new profile so that more than 1 person is able to use his/her mail box. The need for such need comes when a single computer is used to retrieve mails for 2 different users for instance from Microsoft Exchange Network on a local area network. In order to do that just follow these simple steps and you will be able to have as many profiles as you like.
1. Click on Start button in your desktop.
2. Move your mouse pointer to Settings.
3. Click on Control Panel which eventually will open a new window.
4. Try to find an icon named "Mail" When found double click on it.
5. Once double clicked a pop window would appear
6. Click on Show profiles.
7. Another window would open up. There you can add, remove, check properties and copy. To add click on add and type in the profile name you like.
8. If you would like the profile window to open up each time you start Microsoft Outlook, then check the bar where it says "Prompt for the profile to be used".
You can now enjoy adding as many profiles as you like. Enjoy!
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That is instructions creating a new profile in Microsoft Outlook, not Outlook Express.
The question asked how to do it in Outlook Express.

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