How Do You Create A New Screen Name On AOL?


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An AOL can have around seven screen name at a time. The first name that is always created is known as the primary master screen name. This cannot be changed nor can it be deleted ever. The alternate screen names that you create can be easily deleted.

In order to create a new screen name on you AOL account you will first need to sign on to AOL with a master screen name. Next, on the AOL toolbar simply click on the 'Settings.' Subsequently, in the 'By Category' tab click on the 'Account & Billing.' Then simply, click on the 'Screen Names'. Then on the AOL Screen names window, simply create the screen name.

Some of the important points to remember are to form three to sixteen characters. In case, the name already exist then you will be suggested a name. You are not permitted to use any vulgar or sexual terms.
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Or go to keyword and type screenames. Then you have to enter a security question. Then it will lead u to the screenames you have. There u can delete/add screenames.

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