How Do I Forward Email From Aol Automatically?


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While moving from Microsoft Outlook; back to AOL mail; a setting , somewhere was changed and I now receive my mail only as a copy to my old mail in AOL. I have no idea where my New Mail copy is going. Can you instruct me where to find and what to change this setting back to to insure that I get my new mail in my new mail box? TY
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Sign into AOL Account

Tap on the "Settings" option & select the "General Settings" option.

Click on the "Forwarding" option.

Tap on the dot located to the left of the "Forward a copy of incoming mail to:" option.

Type Email ID  to which you want to forward a copy of your AOL Mail.

AT last "Save Changes" button option to complete the setup of your AOL Mail forwarding.

If still, you are unable to forward email automatically then its recommended to get in touch experts by dialling toll-free AOL Tech Support number 1-800-596-2947 and solve all kind of query related to AOL. 

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One can use Windows Outlook to keep one's schedules and to maintain one to-do list. Outlook is also very useful to manage multiple email accounts, including AOL email accounts.

The AOL service gives the user access to IMAP; hence one can put it in to the list of Outlook email accounts in a fairly simple manner.

To access your AOL Email Account with Outlook, go through the following procedure:
Choose Tools from the menu, and then click on Email Accounts. Select the option of Add a new email account, click on Next, select IMAP, click on Next again, type out your name and enter your AOL email address that is, your screen name plus, enter your AOL password, type under IMAP, type under Outgoing mail server. Then from More Settings, go to Outgoing Server tab, then to the Advanced tab, enter 587 under Server Port Numbers for SMTP and click on OK. Then click Next and then Finish.
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Ah Cinnamon, just a quick question.
You think you answered to the question??
Question is "how I forward email from aol" not "how do I configure IMAP for aol in outlook"
Reading before answering????
Too difficult?
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I accidentally cancelled the "forward e-mail from one aol account to another " automatically. How can I get that back?
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I use a company called Forward America to get my customers to start using my new email address and to forward any new emails to my customers new email addresses.

I then use a product called, ePreserver that will transfer all the Archived mail, contacts, etc... Over.

Hope this helps!

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Forward America want $50. Don't think so
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I  am  from  Sri  Lanka,  I  want  my  e - mails  to  be  sent  to  certain  places  in  the  US.  It  has  to  be  sent  as  if  I  am  sending  from  the  US.  Is  it  possible,  if  so  how.
Sri  Lanka

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