How Do I Forward My Yahoo! Emails To Another Account?


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How can I forward my yahoo mail from a old account to my new yahoo          account?
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Account facebook to yahoo not confirm
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I would like to forward my yahoo emails to my comcast account
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When logged into your Yahoo! Mail account, click on 'Mail'. In the 'Management' section, click on 'POP Access and Forwarding'.

You can now alter the settings so that you can access your Yahoo! Mail from any email program using POP3.

If you click on 'Need Help?' you will be able to view more information about forwarding your emails to another account. A window will appear informing you of what you need to do in order to be able to forward your emails, and information is provided in case you have any problems. The window also contains the basic server settings for Yahoo! Mail.

Once you have finished altering the settings. click on 'Save' to apply them.
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