Why Do Some Emails Go Straight To Trash In Yahoo?


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Phil Newton answered

The reason some emails go straight to trash in Yahoo is usually because your filters are set to send certain emails there.  Filters can contain a variety of settings, including the following:

  • Filters set to "does not contain".  For example, this filter could be set to "does not contain Yahoo", and therefore, any email that doesn't contain the word Yahoo will be sent directly to trash.
  • Filters set to "if the recipient contains 'your email address", move to trash".  This filter would sent any email to your trash folder.
  • Finally, if your filters are too broad, you could face issues.  For example, if the filter is set to "if the message contains 'and' send to trash".  Words like 'and' will be found in most messages and therefore you'll notice them all being sent to trash.

To correct a filter issue, go to settings and then click filters.  Have a look to see if any of the above issues are apparent.  You should then be able to correct them accordingly.

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Karl Sagan answered

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