I Want To Make My Own Email In Yahoo?


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It is really easy to make your own email with Yahoo or any other email provider. There will also be no charge for you to set up your new email address.

The first thing that you will need to do is to log onto the Internet and access the Yahoo website. Once you reach the homepage, there will be a column of links down the left hand side of the page. The top one will say 'mail' and is the link you should click on.

Once you have clicked on this you will be re-directed to a page which gives you two options. If you have an existing account you can sign in with your email address and password or if you don't then you can sign up by clicking the 'Create New Account' button.

On this page you will be asked to enter quite a bit of personal information. You will be asked for your first name and last name, your gender, your birthday, your country and postal code.

The next section will ask you to choose a Yahoo username which will be the bit of your email address that comes before the @yahoo.com. Your desired username may have already been taken so be prepared to make adjustments. You will then be asked to create a password and then confirm it. A bar at the side will indicate the strength of your password.

The final section you will fill out in case of the event that you forget your Yahoo username and password. Enter an alternative email address where the reset password option can be send. You will also have to pick two secret questions and write answers to them. Make sure that you remember these because you will be asked for them if you forget your password.

The last step in creating your account will be for you to enter the confirmation code in the box below. Then click 'Create my account' and you will be directed to your new inbox.

Creating a Yahoo mail account is simple and easy to do and the instructions are outlined below. Firstly go to www.yahoo.com where the homepage should come up. You should be able to see a side bar down the left hand of the screen entitled Yahoo sites, click on the first option 'Mail', this will open the homepage for Yahoo mail.

There will now be an option to sign in and, directly above, a yellow box 'Create New Account'. If you click on this yellow button, a screen will open that will ask you to input your basic personal details. This includes your name, address, preferred email name and a password.

Once this has been entered you will see the yellow 'Create My Account' button at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on this button will verify your information and will tell you if there is any information missing, or if the preferred email address you have chosen has already been taken.

If your preferred email address has been taken then it is usually recommended that you pick a similar one to the name you have already chosen and add a hyphen or a number to the end of the address to differentiate it from the existing used account. Once this has all been done correctly your account should be set up and you will be able to start emailing. 

So to confirm:
  • go to www.yahoo.co.uk
  • click 'Mail'
  • click the yellow 'Create New Account' box
  • enter your personal information
  • enter a preferred email address and some alternatives
  • enter a password
  • click the yellow 'Create My Account' box
  • ensure all information is correct
  • start emailing 
For any subsequent email use you can go directly to the Yahoo mail site and sign in using your email address and password.
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Hello dear

at first you must open www.yahoomail.com

    you will have window opened with SIGN IN  KEYWORD on the right side of the window

  don't touch that word ,

now right under that word you will find the  A keyword of SIGN UP

  CLICK ON IT  you will have then a registration form open give complete information they ask for and proceed on til its end.

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Yes want to do my own email at yahoo
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I want to make my email id please help me to do it.
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To get your own email address you must enter to yahoo for(e.g)and click on yahooweb then you will find there who will help you...good luck..
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First, go to yahoo.com and click on sign up.
Second, you enter in all your information that yahoo! Requires.
Last you have an email id.
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Go to yahoo.com ans click on mail and it will have sine in but below that is make one fill out some papers and your done

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