How To Open A Hotmail Account For Free?


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It is free to open a Hotmail account, and very straightforward. Simply follow these steps and you will have a new email account in no time:

Open an internet browser and go to

Click the ‘sign up’ button to get a Windows Live ID. This will get you into Hotmail, Windows Messenger and Xbox Live.

When asked if you have an email address, select ‘no, sign me up for a free MSN Hotmail e-mail address’.

In the next step you will be asked to create your email address, which means selecting the name you would like to appear before ‘’. Once you have chosen click on ‘check availability’, if you have chosen a common name you may need to try a few different combinations before finding an address that is available.

Once you have your email address you will need to create a password and enter your account information such as your full name, date of birth and gender.

When you have created your hotmail account you will be able to login using your Windows Live ID and password at

Once you have opened your free Hotmail account, you can add other email addresses to the account (such as Gmail) and receive all your emails in one place. You can also import your contacts from Facebook; create a signature to go on the end of all your emails; add a phone number so you can receive your emails to your smartphone, and choose a theme to reflect your style.
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Having problems creating a hotmail account? Here's a straight-forward guide to opening a new Windows Live Account with Hotmail:

How to open a Hotmail account

The process is pretty simple, you just create a unique User ID, set a password, follow the verification process mentioned in the guide, and you're good to go!

Hope this helps.

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I want to sign up for a hotmail account for free
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Hotmail account is fully free. Just log on to then click on to sign up for new user .
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I am new user I want to open Hot mail Account
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Go to and click register.  Follow their instructions and tada!  You got it!
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The free HotMail account now under Windows Live is NOT a POP3 account. Is is Web Mail only. The only POP3 HotMail accounts are the legacy accounts of people who have had their email accounts for years. This applies to the US as far as I know.

If you can get a UK Hotmail account, I believe it is a free POP3 and you can use any email program like IncrediMail, Thunderbird, etc., to get your mail for you.

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Go to or and click hotmail

click on register

follow instructions in the form fill it out

remember to write down your password and email address which you have received

and write down the question asked and the answer given.

or you can go to and create an account also it is the same hotmail

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Just go to and when it says sign in click sign up its written in small blue letters and then sign up! Its free!
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I have a hotmail account, on my computer, but I wuld like to open it on kids computer
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I have a hotmail account, but what I want to do is change my email address to something different, is that possible , I've tried several things in my account summary, but nothing is working to change it, I need help please.
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You can not change the name of an email account already made. You have to either make a new account with the name you want or delete the old account and still make a new account with the email name you want.

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I already have a hotmail account and some one has been messing about with my password and now I can not open my account. What can be done know as I have not registered any personal identity

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