How Do You Create A Swedish Hotmail Address?


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Anvin Raj answered
Anyone can open a hotmail email account in Sweden. The hotmail account for Sweden doesn't have suffix such as .se which are present in many other email service providers such as Spray Mail, AltaVista, etc. These are some of the email service providers which allow you to make free email account, but you may have to pay a certain amount in case if you want to access some advanced feature in your email account.

You can go to the website of hotmail and click on sign up in order to make an email account. You would have feed certain information such as the name for your user id, password and various types of personal information. There is a field to feed in your country name. Here you have to choose Sweden as your country name and you would also have to feed in the postal code of the area where you reside. After accepting the terms and conditions, you would have to submit the information. This is the way to create Swedish hotmail account.

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