How To Create Email Address?


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It is very simple and easy to get an email address. The best thing about email address is that it is completely free of cost on most of the sites.

First of all, you would need to choose between a number of alternatives available to you. Your options are hotmail, gmail, yahoomail etc. Note that these are the best email portals in the world.

Once you have decided on which portal to use for your email, log on to the homepage (Via the links given above.). Then make an account for yourself through the sign up now option. While making your account, you would have to answer a few questions, both personal and professional. Then you would have to choose an email address for yourself. This might take some time as the email address has to be unique for everyone. Once your email address is accepted, your email address is made. Now you can use your password and log in address to log on to your personal email account.

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Different sites differ slightly in the procedure for creating email accounts, but most have a standard system that is quite easy to follow. To create a Yahoo email account, follow the given steps:

Go to the yahoo homepage,, and then click on the image of an envelope on the top, click on the icon that says 'sign up'. Then, fill up the information that is asked of you, and click on the icon that says 'I agree' at the bottom of the page. Before clicking on 'continue to Yahoo mail', print out a copy of the page, and continue. You will be directed to you email account, and you can check it out. After you're done, you can click on 'sign out' to sign out!

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