How Do I Create My Own Email Address So That I Can Use Facebook?


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Olivia Foster answered
First you need to decide which if you want a web based email address and then who do you want to sign up with, in the UK the most popular ones are yahoo, gmail, hotmail or live. Then you just need to go to the site for instance MSN and follow the instructions that they provide you with.  You will have to think of a unique user name that no one else has already taken (this can be tricky, but the more creative you can be the better).  This username then usually forms the first half of your email ie ella4jazz then the rest is decided by the site ie,, etc etc. You will also need to create a password that you will easily remember but is secure enough ghat it is not easy to guess - so avoid birthdays etc. You usually have to fill in a short form stating name, address, phone number and decide o a few security questions that can be used in an emergency if you forget your password or something.

And that's it!  Good Luck!

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