How Can I Find My Husbands Secret Email Address?


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Background check webpages can help you, type his name and get every email/social media account from him... take a look here: Icheck for it. 

Best of luck

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Jason  Moore
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NIce info, thank you!
jessica sterling
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I think you need not do this,the most important is to believe in each other.if you really want to avoid your doubt,you can ask him directly.
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Sounds kinda weird....I guess you can just ask him whats up with the secret e-mails.....or maybe you don't even want to know....
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OK its simple. Get a full version of Key-Logger Software(Free Demo Versions are also available.). And Voila!!!! You will get not only email ID but its password too, and each and every record what he had done at computer with screen shot. And Every record of visited websites. Many Keyloggers can give  you record of accessed or used file too.  Here is Some site from Where you can get Key-Logger.
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Old fashioned detective work. There's no special technical solution. Either you find out his password or he forgets to close it.
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God bless

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It's kinda fishy but who I am to judge. This guide can help you to install a keylogger and then finally find out everything you need. It's pretty easy to implement and I believe you'll experience no problem with it.

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I checked my page history and it showed all the web sites I had visited including which mail provider I use. Depending on his mail settings it may pop up and you may have complete access, and on the other hand it may just let you know which provider he uses.
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I don't know if this will work but look through the history of websites visited online and you might find it
give it a try
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You cannot. Secret accounts are not shared with anyone, even the spouse. He is the only one who can share it with you.

You need to consider your relationship and determine if you have a worse problem than secret e-mail accounts. This does not sound to me like a healthy marriage.
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You may want to check the history on your computer. Even if you did find out what the secret email was you'd still not be able to log into his account unless you could guess his password. If I were you, I'd just ask him whats up.
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The whole point of this is that he wants it kept private. To break into this would be a serious lack of trust between a husband and wife. If you ask him and he refuses to tell you then thats it. Either accept it or drive yourself insane with paranoia. Perhaps he only has it because he knows it will drive you crazy. Does he see you as a control freak. ?  My best advice to you is to totally ignore it.
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patrick mc mullan
Not true. I have secrets every christmas and anniversary when getting presents online. I could be chatting to my sister about a personal problem she has asked me to keep to myself. If my wife is online i dont even wonder who she is speaking too for i trust her completely. If she wants me to know , she will tell me. Just because we are married it does not mean that i am entitled to know every thought she has. Sometimes people find it easier talking to a stranger when they have problems.
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Why would you need to keep private if you have nothing to hide??? Has anyone heard of the words for better or worse or in sickness or in health??? Honestly do you know the statistics on divorce and what the major cause of divorce is??? It is usually some type of infidelity. You have every reason in to know. Yes every individual has the right to privacy but when it comes to the whole internet thing NO!!!
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I dont think its good to ignore it, I need the same help, I found out my husband is putting ads in craigs list for men, he is Bi and I need to get into his email also, things like this needs to be address for all sorts of reason, I need a keylogger too, and I need to get check, also he has been hidding things from me for awhile

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