What Is A Call Center?


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Call center is a centralized office used for the purpose of receiving and transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone.

A call centre is operated by a company to administer incoming product support or information inquiries from consumers. Outgoing calls for telemarketing, clientele, and debt collection are also made. In addition to a call centre, collective handling of letters, faxes, and e-mails at one location is known as a contact centre.
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A call center is a place hired by a company to answer phone calls after hours. They dispatch the call to the on-call person when that companies customers call for service.
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A call center is a large building where phone companies,computer companies,credit card companies,etc have a large number of employees answering calls normally pertaining to customer service and or customer billing. The employees are normally all in little small cubicles and most are open 24 hours a day.
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A call center can be anything from telemarketing to stocks where all inbound and outbound calls come into.  Example, I worked for the CitiBank call center in the outbound collections for their credit cards. I was on a automatic dialer so I just wore a headset and when the automatic dialer called someone that was past due on their CitiBank credit card, the name of the person popped up on my computer screen and I started the conversation as if I dialed it myself.
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Call center is a special defined place that is equipped to
handle a large volume of telephone calls from customers (especially for taking
orders or serving customers).

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Telemarketing basically. A call center is a place where you call if you need help fixing problems with your phone, or call to get insurance. Customer service is the best way i can explain it.
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Call center is a big company with many employee.headset on their ears, many computers and telephony.
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Call centers are mostly placed offshore and help solving people problems on telephones regarding, house fixtures, computer related problems and so on.

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