How Do I Change My Default Email Address On Myspace?


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To change your default email address, first log into your myspace account using the email address that you currently have.

Next, click on 'Account Settings'. In the 'My Account Settings' section, you will see your current email address (this is the email address that you are currently using to receive your MySpace alerts etc).

To change your default address, delete your current address from the box and enter a different email address that you wish to use as a default. All your MySpace alerts will now go to this address.

As it says on the site, changing your default email address will make it harder for friends to search for you on MySpace, but as long as you don't change your name then it shouldn't be a problem.
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I've tried as you see above. I highlighted my default address but it won't erase. Something is up with myspace. I've sent message to people I know but they don't get them and I don't get theirs. Also after checking alerts they won't go away. I contacted myspace about it then myspace asked me for my user name and password and myspace said they'd change my default email. But wait up it's my account, so why them change it?I don't trust myspace now. I think myspace is the ones hacking my account.

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