How I Create A New Skype Email Address?


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"It is possible to change your Skype email address once you have created your account, without creating a new one. You must contact a Skype administrator via PM with your desired email address. I cannot verify this myself, but is the source of this answer and I highly recommend that you use this link if you are in doubt over anything Skype related.    
If this page is no good then Skype's own 'Troubleshooting guide' or 'Support page' maybe able to help you, as they offer a similar question answering service to this site; via this method I it is possible to find numerous different methods suggested by fellow Skype users on this subject. This located under the 'Support' option on the top right hand side of the page. The series of answers that I found can be found at- or you can ask your own specific question at
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Please tell me step by step how can I create a new skype address
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I want to create skype email address .I write make skype id ,then it come how I create skype id .solution to start skype.I only want to make skype id
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Yes I want to create a new skype account email.

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