I Want Creat A New Email Id In The Google?


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Google's email service is called Gmail and a Gmail account is very easy to set up.

Firstly go to and click on the 'Gmail' option within the top bar of the homepage. A Gmail homepage should then appear with an option for signing in and a button that states 'Create an account', click the latter button. You will then be redirected to a set-up page and will be required to enter your personal information for the account to be set up. This information includes your name, address, preferred email name and a password. You will also be asked to pick a security question that will help to recover your password should you ever forget it.

Once this has been entered you will see the terms and conditions for the Gmail accounts on the screen. After reading this you will need to enter the word you see on the screen under the heading 'word verification'; this will need to be entered in order to proceed. Once this has been done click on the 'I accept create my account' button, clicking on this button will verify your information and will tell you if there is any information missing, or if the preferred email address you have chosen has already been taken. If your preferred email address has been taken then it is usually recommended that you pick a similar one to the name you have already chosen and add a hyphen or a number to the end of the address to differentiate it from the existing used account.

Once this has all been done correctly your account should be set up and you will be able to start emailing. There will be a tutorial that will help you get to grips with the Gmail system and show you how to do all the basics.
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open this site. There will be two boxes showing username and password, below that there will be a button where it is written "Create A New Account" Click on that. A new page will be displayed fill in the form with your personal information and username and password and click "I accept. Create my accont"

And your account will be created

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Sure, go ahead. You can do it at

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