How To Make An Email Id In Facebook? Show Me The Home Page To Make A New One.


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  • About Facebook
The way people use Facebook, an incredibly popular social networking platform, has evolved over the years. Now, users have the option of creating their own urls and special ID's while they use the application. Each Facebook user is automatically assigned a Facebook profile page, which they may use to display photos, chat with friends, and make wall posts that are visible to others (depending on specific privacy settings that are chosen by the user). Luckily, each Facebook account, which can be created on Facebook's Join Facebook home page, also comes complete with an email Inbox that is totally ready to use!

  • Joining Facebook
Moving through the process of joining Facebook is as easy as following the instructions on the site. By punching in some basic information about yourself, you'll be able to access a host of features, including an email service that is one hundred percent free, and all ready to use. Facebook also offers live chat that can be turned off or on, depending on whether or not you're in the mood to talk to friends in real time. Facebook can be a great promotional tool for businesses, and it's an excellent way to find out what old and new friends are up to.

  • Privacy settings
Adjusting privacy settings will allow users to customize their Facebook experience - a tight privacy setting will limit the amount of people who can see the posts you make, the photos you upload, etc. A looser privacy phase will allow new people to enjoy your posts and photos, and may lead to some interesting online friendships that might transfer into the real world.

Facebook is an excellent way to get free online email that you can also check via your cell phone or text messaging device; the scale and scope of Facebook is huge, and it supports all kinds of auxiliary applications.
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I never understood how to make an id plz help me`
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I want new e mail id

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