How To Make A New Id In Orkut?


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If you want to create a new account in Orkut you will first need to register yourself a Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail email address, as this will be used to verify your account.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a Google account already linked to your email address you can create an ID with that. If you are using your Google account to create an ID, go to, where on the right you can sign in using your Google account. It will ask you if you want to create an account linked to that particular email address, if so, click Continue, if not, you will have to use another address. You will be directed to a form requiring your name, date of birth, gender, completion of a word-verification to make sure you’re not a computer, and also you will be required to accept the terms and conditions of the service. If your account has been suspended you will not be able to create a new ID with the previous registered email address, and will have to re-register to Orkut with a different email address and new Orkut ID.

Orkut is a social network owned by Google, and is named after its creator, a Google employee named Orkut Buyukkokten. He was commissioned to start working on the network after a failed attempt from Google to buy Friendster, another popular social network, in 2003. In its beginnings, membership to Orkut was via invite only - only after the site started to lose its American audience to MySpace and the Brazilian userbase dominated its demographic did it open to anyone by registration. Brazil still accounts for just over 50 per cent of the entire userbase, followed by India with 20 per cent, and the U.S. With 17 per cent, and 53 per cent of users are aged between 18 and 25.
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I want my id in orkut. So I want create. Please send me that form. I want to chat, how it is possible?
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I want to made a new id
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Please Tell Me That How I Make My New I.D In Orkut
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Open orkut's website:
You would see an option below:
Click on it to open
You would see a form
fill it in
Enter the 'word verification'
n select the terms of service
Lastly just press
'I accept. Make my account' button
n there you'll have your own orkut account!!
Have fun
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What a lovely experience i got when i made my id on
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I do all this but next page is open there is our country name and mobile phone number i do that one thing is open there is code verification i fill it when i click on verify option it will not accept.can i sign up my id now can it will accepted
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Please tell how could I make id,I also want to make a id
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I never had any email id, so I am finding it difficult to make an id. Please show me any easy way to make an id
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In order to use Orkut, you must first have an E-mail at Google. Orkut is a community designed by Google and therefore you need to have Gmail to log in at Orkut. You can create Google E-mail at Gmail Sign up and then log in at Orkut with that Gmail ID. This is how you use Orkut, there is no need of seperate Orkut ID, your Gmail would work here.
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Orkut is a social networking site that is affiliated with Google. Orkut sets itself apart from other websites by attempting to maintain a safe Internet  environment for its users. Illegal or inappropriate content is prohibited and the site is monitored often to remove any unlawful material. For a safe and fun social networking experience, join Orkut.

Step:1 Start on the Orkut homepage. You can open your account with the website by clicking the "Join Now" icon.

Step:2 Create a Google account. If you already have a Google account, you can use your username and password to access the Orkut site. Otherwise, you must register with Google before you continue.

Step:3 Sign in with your e-mail and password. Once you have registered with Google, you will be prompted to give your e-mail address and the password that you have chosen.

Step:4 Read the terms of service. Before you start an Orkut account, you are required to read over their contract. To use Orkut, you must be over 18 and the site can only be used for personal use. Hit the "I accept the Terms of Service" after you look over the agreement.

Step:5 Fill out your profile. Profile fields include name, birth date, relationship status and interests. You can also add in your photo at this time.

Step:6 Edit your profile at anytime. Once you create an Orkut account, you can make changes to your profile in order to keep it up to date.
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Orkut is a google based social network service and therefore, In order to use Orkut, you must first have a Gmail E-mail. If you have Gmail Email then you can simply visit Orkut and sign in with your Google Email and you are ready to use your Orkut.The same question was asked on Blurtit many times before.
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