How Do You Log Into Hotmail; Which Is Now Accessed Through Http.//


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The Windows Live ID, which is the e-mail address used and the associated password, is used to sign in to any of the Windows Live programs or services, including Hotmail.

To sign on, it is possible to go either to the Windows Live Account page or directly to the site required.

A sign in page should be displayed, where both e-mail address and password have to be entered, followed by clicking sign in. Selecting the 'Remember me' and 'Remember my password' check boxes will save having to type them in each time.

This should, however, be avoided if using a public computer. Then Messenger is selected, followed by select a status, which is the status appearing on Messenger. Clicking sign in again should complete the process.

Alternatively, a HTTPS connection may be created for Hotmail, providing extra security.

To create this connection, or is typed into the browser address bar, followed by signing on as usual.

On the resulting confirmation page, one of the following options should be selected:

For individuals just wishing to read or compose e-mails, clicking 'Continue to Hotmail' will create a temporary HTTPS connection.

Individuals wishing to check their calendar or visit other Live sites should click on 'Always use HTTPS (recommended)'. On the consequently appearing page displaying 'Connect with HTTPS', it is necessary to click 'USE HTTPS automatically', the 'Save'.

This option will create a strongly recommended permanent HTTPS connection. This connection may also be created while signed in to Hotmail, by going through 'Options', 'More Options', 'Managing your Account' and 'Account Details'.

At this point the password may be required. The next step is selecting 'Other Options', followed by clicking on 'Connect with HTTPS', then choosing 'Use HTTPS Automatically' and finishing by clicking 'Save'.
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Why do I have to spell my e-mail address and pass word evry time I go to my hotmail
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I cannot open my Hotmail account.  It keeps saying my password is wrong and has closed down my account.  My password I am using is correct and I need my mail transferred to the Windows live account with my Email Addresses
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As per the normal way keeps telling me internet down
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Just give in the address bar and press go or enter. You will be directed to the hotmail account page. The exact URL of the page is as follows;

Copy this URL to your browser and then try. I hope you would be able to log in. If you still find same problem then delete the history and temporary internet files from your browser and then try it.
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To log in you should first sigup/register with hotmail to create an user account.
To do that you need to select a valid user name and password, using them you can login
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Go to your browser type in Usually the link will pop right up. Click on it. Look on the upper left hand side and you should see Hotmail. Click on that. Type in your email and password and you are signed in. Hope this helps. =-)
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Try another computer. It may be that the pages are blocked by a firewall or something on that computer.

I still log into my hotmail account by going to and clicking on hotmail in the upper left side, it then asks me to verify my password on a new page, then it takes me to my hotmail.

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