How To Create An Email ID In Orkut?


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So, your friends are all telling you about this Orkut social networking site they all use that is different than Facebook and MySpace.  You are tired of the same old media blitzes so you want to use this alternative too.  Creating an email address to sign into Orkut is actually creating a Gmail account.  See, Orkut is a Gmail driven social media site.  If you already have a Gmail account, you have what you need to sign into Orkut.  If you don’t already have a Gmail account, you can sign up for your free account by going to and creating an account. 

Orkut is much like Facebook but it is integrated into your Gmail account.  Gmail has offered chat and many other features for a very long time but the introduction of Orkut is relatively new.  The features and integration are done well and the functionality is above the standard but it’s Gmail.  Gmail, much like Hot Mail has been taken advantage of for its free email and limited hassles.  Adding these features now may be a little late on their part.  My Space was the social networking ‘king’ until Face Book caught on.  These days everyone and their uncle have an account and most will not easily be moved from it. 

Gmail and other well established providers are attempting to capitalize on the social networking trends but is it too late?  With each new social networking site, you have to set up all of your connections and reconnect to each individual if they are actually using that median.  If, like many of us, they have found the one program they like to use, you will not convince them to change without a really good argument.
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I don't know to create an account or email ID
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Well getting an email ID on orkut is difficult then on facebook. This is because on orkut you have to receive an invitation to join. After accepting the invitation you can create your profile. Ask a friend or relative whos on orkut to send you an invitation.
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I want to create an email id in orkut.

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