I Want To Create New Orkut Email Id But Ho Can I Make It?


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It is fairly straightforward to create a new Orkut ID, however if you had one previously then you may need to also create a new email account at Google Mail.

To set up a Orkut ID follow these steps:

• Head to www.orkut.com/PreSignup • Fill out your full name
• Select your gender
• Type in the code for your word verification
• Click I agree after reading the terms and conditions

You also need to have a Google Mail account in order to successfully create an Orkut account as they are interlinked.

Therefore if you have not yet set up a Google Mail account simply do the following:

• Head to mail.google.com • Click on 'Create Account'
• Fill out your full name
• Choose your desired email address
• Choose a password
• Fill out a security question
• Enter the word verification and submit

It is important to take time in both deciding your email address and your password. You need to think what you will be using your email address for as if you are planning on applying for jobs then you need a professional or respectable email address. If you have a comical one or one that can be viewed as childish or rude then that can easily put off an employer.

Your password is also important and you need to pick one that you will definitely remember but is not predictable to others. Therefore avoid your favorite team or celebrity's name as someone maybe able to guess this. Also avoid a password made up of your date of birth as this again can be guessed.
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I am new I have no e-mail account I want to join orkut
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Make my new orkut password and email
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You don't need to make any seperate ID for orkut. Orkut is an online community from Google. If you have Gmail or Google's Email, then you can join Orkut with no ID requirement.
Simply go to Orlut Page and sign in with your Gmail address. Once you sign in, you can create your profile there and Orkut will also find you all the people you know, by their E-mail address, whether they are using Orkut or not. You can add different applications and leave messges to people in same way we leave messages at shoutbox here at Blurtit.
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Open internet explorer and type www.orkut.com in address bar.
After open orkut web page, you should click on signup option or join now. Fill the options correctly.
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To have an orkut account,first you should have an registered e-mail id and some friend of yours who has an orkut account should send you a request to your e-mail id if you accept it.Your orkut account will be created.
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1. Visit orkut.com2. Click "sign up now"3. Enter all the details
good advise is to have gmail account. If you have gmail account, you can use the same id 2 login to orkut.orkut.com belongs to google and you can 1 id to login into several services of google products.
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