How To Create A New Orkut Account?


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Orkut is a social networking internet site which has affiliations with Google. It is well known for providing a safe and legal networking environment for its users, and prides itself on removing any unlawful or inappropriate material from its site, therefore creating a safe and friendly website for its users. To create a new account on Orkut it is first necessary to go on to the internet and access its website,,. Once you are on the Orkut homepage you have the option of creating a new account by clicking on the 'Join Now' icon. In order to become a member of Orkut, it is first necessary for you to have an account with Google. If you already have an account with Google you can access Orkut simply by typing your Google email address and password into where it asks. Alternatively, if you do not already have a Google account, you will have to create one, which you can do on the Orkut website by clicking on the 'Create an account' button beneath the question 'Don't have a Google Account?'. This will send you to a new page where you can sign up with Google by providing simple pieces of information such as your first and last name, age and gender. You are also required to agree to their terms and conditions. Once you have made your Google account, just sign in with your Google email address and password into the Orkut website. Before creating an Orkut account you will have to read over and agree to the website's terms and conditions. It should be noted that among these terms is the stipulation that you must be over the age of eighteen in order to create an Orkut account. Once you have clicked on the 'I accept the Terms of Service' button you will be invited to fill in the details of your profile. This involves adding information such as your name, age, interests, and relationship status. At this point you may also add a profile photo of yourself. Once you have filled in some or all of this information your new Orkut account will be complete. You may also edit it any time you like, to keep it up to date with your life.
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I want to know the process for new account
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I want to be a new member in the orkut
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To get new friends profile just sms:
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If you have a G-mail account
just login with same info as of G-mail
you will be logged in
fill up some details ..
And you r on the go....

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