Is It Legal To Buy WoW Gold Online?


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It is certainly legal to buy WOW Gold online. However, you should find an honest and valid one. is nice. Have a try!
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In short: No. The WoW Terms of Service forbid the buying or selling of in-game currency for real-world currency. If you buy gold from a gold seller, you are putting your WoW account at risk of punishment by Blizzard!

All is not lost, however. With the right strategies, you can earn hundreds of legal WoW gold per day! I've written about some of these strategies in my blog, so <a href="">check it out</a>. I hope it helps!
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Yes, it is totally legal and you should do it but you must not forget to set and follow the terms and conditions. Otherwise it will not be legal. No one can reach your email inbox until he/she has your password. So it was just a rumor which you've listened.
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Well it's not a rumor to be honest as a it's a well known fact that game masters can and do often delete in game emails that look like you have bought gold. So if it contains 1000 gold for example and a game master sees it, chances are he/she will delete it.
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