How Do I Get To World Of Warcraft From School Computers?


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Downloaded runescape and firefox on a flash drive worked fine at school so id assume it would work for WoW as well....


stopped playing RS for WoW now =D
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Do you mean to get onto the site or to play the game?

Well, this is what my cousin does to play the game anywhere.

World of Warcraft Setup Disc
Game Time on WoW
Any Expansions
An External Hard-drive


Plug in and install your external hardrive.
Install World of Warcraft to the location of your external hard-drive, FOR EXAMPLE F:World of Warcraft
Safely eject the hard-drive
Take your external hard-drive to a public place / school.
Load up the application
Enjoy the game!
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You would have to install the games, which would take a long time. The computer would not be very good, and it would most likely be blocked.
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No you can't becus they do something so noo one can install things like warcraft or play games you aint supost to be playing
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Generally you can't because school computers have tight security and they block most sites of interest, which is a bummer. However, I've found a way to get to myspace from a school computer once, but afterwards, it was blocked. I went to google and clicked on a link to myspace and I got there. So, maybe if you google it and then click on a link it might work, no guarantees though because if you can get there chances are that the school will block it all together. Good luck! =]
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Most computer's at school or library don't have a good graphic's card installed so there fore you can not play game's.

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