How Do I Sign On To Facebook From Another Computer?


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The simple answer is that you sign into Facebook on someone else’s computer in exactly the same way that you sign in on your own computer - you go to   and enter your email address and your password.  I do it every time I teach a course on social media at a training centre or at the client’s premises.

However, I’m guessing that you are asking this question because you have had problems signing onto Facebook either from a friend’s computer or maybe a school computer.  If you are having problems with a friend’s computer, the most likely explanation is that your friend is already logged in to Facebook.  The system will not let you sign in with two different user IDs from the same computer.  The solution in this case is to ask your friend to log our before you try to sign in.

If you are having trouble signing in to Facebook on a school computer, the reason is almost certainly that the school has decided to block access to Facebook and other social networking sites so that pupils are not distracted from their school studies.

They are able to do this using blocking software, also called internet protection software, such as TerminatorX which simply reads the name of the site you are logging into from the title bar at the top of the page.  If the title is on a list of sites compiled by the teaching staff as banned, the Internet protection software will prevent you from accessing it.

It is still possible to get around the internet protection software by logging into a proxy server, although the addresses of most proxy servers are already known to teaching staff and are also included in the list of prohibited sites.  It is also risky to use such sites because they often place malware on your computer.
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Why is this page full of totally irrelevant information. I simply want to know how to login to my facebook page from someone elses computer.! Its that simple, why can't I get a sensible anser to this simple question?
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Go to the login screen on face book ( and login with your information
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The exact same way you do from your regular computer. Just log in at

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