What Are Some Good Facebook Photo Album Names?


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cc:dan taylor:56783767@N00What are some good Facebook photo album names? 

The main idea of a good album name is to entice people to click through and look at your pictures. Think of the titles as the headlines of a newspaper or magazine.

Do you want them to be descriptive, or funny? Are they supposed to appeal to your best friends, to your family or friends of friends?

  • Think about your audience carefully, who’s going to be viewing your album, and who you want to view your album, before you choose a name.
  • If the album is just for you and your best friends, I would go with in-jokes all the way.
If your pictures are for everyone, then be descriptive. Honesty is the best policy, too, for example: ‘Sarah’s 21st Birthday Party’ or ‘Taylor’s BBQ, August 2009’. Sticking a date in the title is good as you may be uploading photos way past the date when they were taken.

  • P.S. I love you
  • Greetings, loved ones
  • Let's take a journey
  • When the cookie crumbles
  • The crazy times behind the camera

How to come up with new album names for Facebook

Personally, I love lists, so maybe something like ‘10 Reasons not to Drink White Russians’ or ‘Five Reasons why you shouldn’t let your mom near the Karaoke Machine!’ That kind of thing will build intrigue and garner you clicks.

Song lyrics are another popular source of Facebook album names, from the blatantly-obvious, ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ to the wilfully-obscure, ‘Jumped in a River, What Did I See?’ What are your favorite songs? Maybe you share them with the people in the pictures - if so, double win!

Basically, avoid ‘My Pictures’. We know that as it's on your profile.  Have fun with the titles. 

If I have a bunch of random pictures, I go with an equally-random name or false grandiosity, something like, ‘The Cheese Made me do it’, ‘Boris Yeltzin’s Disco Dance off’, ‘The Founding of a new Empire’ or ‘The Demise of Austerity’.

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Here are some great Facebook album names:

  • My life. My friends.
  • Replay.
  • Pocketful of sunshine.
  • Beautiful days.
  • The party don't start 'til I walk in.
  • Dear Diary....
  • Come on, baby, we aren't going to live forever.
  • P.S. I love you guys
  • No boundaries, baby~
  • I'm looking for LABELS, not love~
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My favorite Facebook album name is "Me and My BFFs" (which stands for "best friends forever").

That album is no ordinary album though, it's a shared photo album so it means my friends and I can all upload photos of us hanging out and having fun to the same album.

Ideas for Facebook Album names

  • 'In a world where you can be anything, be nothing but yourself'
  • 'This is me <3.'
  • 'Live it up'
  • 'My life and everything in-between'
  • ' <3. '
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  • Beautiful people
  • Party for two (Me & you) <3
  • Let me introduce you to the party..<3
  • We live an alternative lifestyle..
  • Living the Dream.
  • If we don't have swag, then I don't know who does.
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  • "I'm nothing without these people" For albums of friends and stuff.
  • "All I've got are these photographs".
  • "Captured moments".
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  • 'Let's live before we die'.
  • 'Take a picture'.
  • 'Young, Wild and Free'.
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  • 'Yeah, sometimes we get along...' (for brothers or sisters).

  • 'feeling fine when they're mine'.
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"Me and my friends"
"Me and my family"

If there were some funny pictures:

"Girls just want to have fun"
"While we're young and beautiful"
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Hi friend, you can try "Reminiscence" which means- a mental impression retained and recalled from the past.
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  • Favorite song titles/lyrics
  • Sayings from you, your family or friends
  • Quotes from celebrities or something?
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The girl behind the photos, or those that were there at the start, are here forever.
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That time we did that stuff..
The other night when stuff happened.

Generally catches a little attention if it is anonymous.
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It really depends what the album of pics is located and who you are with. It can be whatever you would like it to be!

Example: The album is of you and your friend Bob in the Caribbean, you could name it, "Mine and Bob's trip to the amazing Caribbean!"

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