How to know others facebook password?


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Social networks are very popular nowadays especially now that almost everybody has an access to the internet. Among the social networking sites out there, Facebook is by far one of the most widely used. It’s so popular that there are people who steal passwords of other users and make them their own. They do this by hacking into the site, open your email address or if they’re lucky enough, stumble into your password accidentally.

There are millions of users worldwide, even popular people like movie stars, businessmen, and the like have a Facebook account. However, you have to be very careful since there’s a possibility that your password and your whole account can be stolen from you. Expert hackers can do this as well as those who know the ins and outs of Facebook.

Facebook is not just a site where you regularly read the latest happenings on the lives of your loved ones and friends. You also post in the site personal information about yourself such as your name, address, birthday, educational background, likes, dislikes, and a lot more.

Sad to say but there are people who take advantage of social networking sites particularly their users. They steal the account of other people by knowing their passwords. Once they discovered your password, it won’t be long before you can’ access your account.

So how do you keep yourself and your Facebook account protected? The easiest way is to change your password every now and then. You have to come up with a strong password that includes numbers. Never use your birthday, name, your spouse’s name, and the like since they can be easily stolen.

Another effective way to secure your Facebook account is to avoid posting personal details about you. Remember that millions are using the site and anybody can read your personal information and may even use them against you.
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Download "team dx facebook hacker" program . Find it on google then all you'd do is put in the email address . Go to YouTube to see how it's done and the person who answered above me has no clue what they're on about because nothing is imposible
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You have to know first his/her email address :)
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There are many types of password just name and numbering word .
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You can't its not possible unless you make up Passwords, Emails, and Usernames LOL not worth the work-(my opinion)

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