How I Can Get Somebody's Password?


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That is offensive in so many ways why do you even need to know that kind of information.
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Passwords are unspoken and squirt code of one's own philosophy. If you are talking about password in cyber world, like of emails or of any other cyber accounts its very hard to get or beak the code. Many websites nowadays are using 128bit SSL encoding techniques and getting inside it impossible. The possible way of getting some one password is only to request him and ask for the password if he likes he will tell you the password other wise try some social engineering. It's my own idea of getting the password of hotmail or yahoo; it's not about hacking or cracking techniques. Let's talk about hotmail login page. Design the same page that looks like the hotmail login page as in your region, you will be required two text boxes one for email address and the other for password and a signup button. Make a catcher script for those text boxes and fire the event on Click of signup button, the action should be, catch the user name and password using catcher script, email them to you silently and redirect user to the original hotmail login page.
Upload both pages to your own domain; Send the victim an email with a fake URL of any gift or e-greeting link mapped with your own designed hotmail login page. As soon as he clicked on a link the hotmail login page you designed will be opened and the user will try to sign in back an at this juncture the social engineered fake website will send you the password you required.
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It is unethical and not advisable to acquire someone else's password. It is also a criminal offence. If by any means you get access to anybody's password, the other is liable to take legal action you. There are many people who gain access to other's email password, internet banking password. These types of crimes are accounted under cyber crime. Cyber cops are always looking out for any kind of malicious activity on the internet.

Some computer hackers can gain direct access to the other person's computer. These hackers can be miles away or in a different country from the victim. But once access is gained to the computer, personal information such as internet banking passwords, confidential emails, chatting details can be easily hacked. If any person is caught doing such a crime, the court of law may punish the hacker severely.
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You can't without his permission.
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Its not a good idea to know someones password. The easiest way would be to ask them
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Let them know a fake password of you or make an account of people they know much and ask them whats their password!!
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You are not supposed to find out someones password. The whole idea of a password is that only the user knows it.
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I hate these answers
you know why I want to know somebody's password because  I want to know my bff password
(evil laugh)
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I don't think you would want to do that I wouldn't even advise the question nor anyone to answer as that is not legal to do and could get you in trouble and I feel if you go down you will also take the person that gave you a answer that you can use down with you,so good luck....

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