How Can I Get My Metro Pcs Password Code?


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MetroPCS, the fifth largest mobile communications network in the US, operates a relatively simple password system.
Your code, if you have not changed or altered it, will be the last four digits of your telephone number. If you have changed it and cannot remember what you set it as then you have two options.
Firstly you can request a new one. Once the Login screen appears (asking for the passcode) you should be able to select the option 'Forgot Passcode'. You can then elect to connect to MetroPCS for assistance. If you think you might know it then have a couple of goes entering the passcode. If the passcode entered is incorrect, myMetro will ask for it again and if you enter an incorrect passcode five times in a row, you will be connected to MetroPCS anyway so no need to worry that you'll be permanently frozen out of your account.
The other option is to restore the factory settings on your phone. A word of warning though, this will delete all files and clear the memory of the phone and even then it may not restore your password to the original default setting.
So my advice would be to contact MetroPCS directly and have any personal and security details handy. You can contact them by dialling *611 from your MetroPCS phone or ring 1.888.8metro8 (1.888.863.8768).
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Security code should be the last 4 digits of your cell phone number.

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I can't remember may security code on my account for metro pcs it is not my birthday I have no id to show the store how can I get it or change it?

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