Do You Need Nokia Password To Unlock For Free?


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To unlock a Nokia phone, the first step is to download the NokiaFree Unlock Codes Calculator. While this is downloading, the phone's IMEI number can be determined by pressing *#6# on the phone's keypad, followed either by pressing the call button or enter. The number can then be kept safe on a piece of paper. Once the software has been downloaded and installed on the PC, it can be launched.

Upon starting the software, a small panel will appear on the screen. This will then present the user with a range of options and steps as follows:

  1. First, the manufacturer is selected, which, in this case, will be Nokia
  2. Then it is necessary to select the phone's model
  3. Now the IMEI number determined earlier has to be entered
  4. The user's country is then selected
  5. The next step is to enter the cellphone provider
  6. Finally, Calculate is pressed.
Most of the information, apart from the IMEI number, is selected from drop-down lists. There are a couple more options on the panel, but they will either be defaults or will be filled in automatically by the software.

After a moment, the panel on the right will display a list of unlock codes for the phone. Typing one of these codes into the phone exactly as it appears should then result in the phone being unlocked.

If, for whatever reason, this does not unlock the phone, it may be necessary to contact either the supplier of the phone or the network provider. There should not be any reason however for this not to work first time.

The software will, by the way, also unlock phones other than Nokia. The information to be entered varies slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the process is basically the same for any make.
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I forgot my password and I want to lock my phone 5310
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Nokia 5800 plz
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Nokia 6030 password IMEI : 358081016804944 .. Thanks

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