How To Unlock Memory Card Of Nokia 7610supernova If It Locked With Password?


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Me also have same problem in nokia 7610 supernova
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Method 1 : Recover memory card password , using Fexplorer.

As I said, we need Fexplorer for this mobile hack .After installation , Browse to c:system  folder in your mobile phone . Here you would find a file mmcstore .This file is actually used to store memory card passwords in a mobile phone . Rename this file to mmcstore.txt and open with notepad . Now you will see the memory card password as it is ,exactly .

Method 2 :Unlock memory card passwords of Nokia Nseries and Eseries phones

The first hack to recover the password of memory cards will not work on Nokia Nseries and Nokia Eseries
devices . Here we will use the remote lock feature for re-setting the
password . For this , go to your pones settings >Security >Phone
and SIM> and then allow Remote lock . The password of your remote
lock will be the password of your memory card .So if you want to change the memory card password , just send an SMS containing your remote lock message .

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