How Do You Unlock A Nokia 7600 For Free?


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Well you can simply unlock the Nokia 7600 for free by punching in Nokia universal pin-code which can be used for all Nokia handsets, that is 12345. If the phone does not unlock with this code do not try to punch in other codes, because punching in wrong codes will damage the SIM card.

Simply call up the customer service helpline of the network provider, tell them about your problem, they will ask you for certain details like your name and cell phone number for the purpose of verification. Once the verification is done with they will give you a pin-code which you will have to punch in. Once the correct code is put the cell phone will unlock and you will be able to use it again. The Nokia 7600 basically is a digital imaging phone which was launched by Nokia during the third quarter of 2003.
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      You can get the unlocking instructions for the Nokia 7600 for free in that siteunlockzone.But You have to pay for the unlock code.

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