How Do You Find Out Password?


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I want to know my password
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Sometimes, you can click on "forgot my password" button and you will get an email stating what your password is.
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I forgot my mocospace password I didn't put no email n I don't have the same number all I remember is ma user name is there any way possible to find my password
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By going to log in and clicking forgot password
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For all the account we set on the internet, such as website accounts, forum accounts, emails, social networks, and etc., we can find back/reset password through "forgot password" option.

For the offline accounts such as bank account transaction passwords, shopping mall club member password and etc., we might should contact the bank and the shopping mall service window physically. By confirming our identity, we can get the password back.

In case we forget the password somehow, there are many good password manager applications for us today. Try to find the one match your needs of saving and managing passwords, that you will never forget them anyway. 

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Finding out your password is usually simple enough. However, many sites ask for a lot of personal details so as to protect your account. It depends on the service provider. Look for 'forgot password' options, typically found in your login homepage or under FAQ's for that site.

For example, with Yahoo! Mail, visit 'Forget your ID or password?' found below 'Sign In' in the Login page. It requests 'Yahoo! ID'. Enter requested details. These include birth date, ZIP code, location as well as security image. Then enter your specific Yahoo! ID to obtain a new password.

Similarly in Orkut, the widespread networking site, see 'I cannot access my account', and then opt for 'I forgot my password'. It asks for email address always used so as to sign in to your particular account. For Gmail users, the Gmail username needs to be entered.
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I needed to find out my husbands email password, so I used a 3rd party service called

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