How Can I Check All The Passwords That Have Been Typed On My Computer?


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Your best bet is to try keystroke logging (which is frequently referred to as key logging). This is essentially a diagnostic tool employed in software development which effectively captures a user's keystrokes. There are various spyware options available for download which accomplish this end. You can thus obtain passwords or even encryption keys. These could be either hardware or software. For instance you have KeyGhost Hardware Keylogger or Perfect Keylogger.

Such programs are constructive for law enforcement as well as espionage. Use it solely for ethical purposes. Don't use it on anyone else's computer.

If you tend to forget different passwords, a version of Save Password Software is what you need. It allows users to automatically log in or remember passwords and usernames for various sites. For instance, Password Agent, among other nifty features, automatically fills login prompts. You even have 'password prompt' options in-built in browsers like Internet Explorer.

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