How To Find Someone's Gmail Password If Username Is Known?


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If you have forgotten your Google Mail password, one the simplest solutions is to simply visit password the account recovery page. This can be found on the Google Mail website, to which the hyperlink is here: Once you have opened the hyperlink, follow the instructions on the web page to retrieve your email.

However, do not download a crack, hacker tool, or anything else that claims to be able to crack your Gmail password as it is most likely to be malware, and your computer and your security will be seriously compromised.

There is also another warning to bear in mind (not just about ensuring you scan all downloads for viruses, Trojans, and malware before you run them). With Gmail Password Recovery, anyone could download and install a program on any PC to which they have access, so if someone is sharing a computer with you. Be warned if you use a shared machine and don't entirely trust other users. If it actually works someone could use it to crack your Gmail password - this is something to bear in mind if using the password recovery page.

Such a tool could be especially important for government agents and spies who seem to have a penchant for leaving laptop computers on public transport, in the UK at least, although they never seem to learn the lesson of encryption so probably use strong passwords as it is. But bear in mind that there is still a certain when sharing or giving access of your computer to another member of public.
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Why would you do that?  Would you like someone to be hacking into your mail????
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Please do NOT do it, it is not nice

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