What is Gmail password recovery?


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Gmail Password Recovery is a Process of Google account. It helps to the user to recover his Gmail account password.when we forgot the password of our Google account then Google password Recovery option helps us to recover our account followed by some simple steps.The steps for recovery password are given below:

Step1: Go to Gmail sign in page.

Step2: Enter your email or phone number and click on next.

Step3: In password section click on forgot the password.

Step4: Now open a google account recovery pop up asking for you last remember the password. If You remember then enter or click ”try another way”.

Step5: In this section click on text/call forget a verification code. To your register mobile.

Step6: Enter verification code click next.

Step7: In this section, create your new password and click changed password.

Step8: Click on continue to Gmail account.

If you follow all these steps you can recover easily.

If you getting any trouble with Gmail account or require any assistance visit Gmail tech supports.

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Google is very dependable when it comes to giving its users options to recover their lost information if nothing else. Recovering a Gmail password is a sinch if you know what to do. Naturally, the first thing you should do is try Google's Account Recovery tool. Select the "I don't know my password" option and enter your Gmail name, then hit Continue.

If you linked your phone number to your email, you can ask for a verification code via text message or you can try the "Verify your identity" section.

If you forget your Gmail password, you could follow this guide to recover your Gmail password.

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